Morning Docket: 07.26.17

* “[W]e will see what happens, time will tell, time will tell.” President Trump has reiterated how “very disappointed” he is that Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, but hasn’t publicly stated in so many words that he wants to fire the AG. For what it’s worth, it didn’t take very long for time to tell what happened with James Comey, Marc Kasowitz, and Sean Spicer. [CNN]

* Which in-house officials make the most money? Big Law Business took a look at the summary compensation tables from the 500 largest U.S. companies ranked by revenue to figure out the answer. Take a look at the list of the 30 highest earners, gasp at their eye-popping compensation, and then wonder why you haven’t decided to move in-house yet. [Big Law Business]

* A three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit struck down Washington, D.C., regulations which required that residents prove they had a “good reason to fear injury” in order to obtain a concealed-carry permit for firearms, ruling that the carrying of firearms was a “core” Second Amendment right. The District may seek an en banc review of the decision. [BuzzFeed]

* “There is not a law firm function that happens without alcohol” Do law firms enable alcoholism? In a word, yes — and the fact that we still have to ask ourselves this when one-third of attorneys have admitted that they drink too much and even more have admitted that they have a serious drinking problem is simply appalling. [Am Law Daily]

* The bar exam is now well underway, and those whose fates are now in the hands of the bar examiners have taken to Twitter to unleash their anxieties via humorous tweets. Here are 10 of the best bar exam-related tweets from before the test began. The tweets from Day 1 are a little more… aggressive. []
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