Morning Docket: 06.01.17

* The gaggle of Jones Day lawyers who joined the Trump administration received a blanket waiver from ethical rules because what’s the point when there’s no integrity left to protect? [National Law Journal]

* The ABA is discussing a massive overhaul of its law school accreditation regime in order to appease critics from the Department of Education (at least the former DOE). Hey, DOE… we already solved this problem for you! []

* Historically the Silk Road connected China to Europe. According to the Second Circuit it connects Ross William Ulbricht to a life sentence. [Law360]

* Because it wasn’t big enough yet, Dentons opens an office in Myanmar. [Legal Week]

* In-house counsel complain that they receive too much marketing material. But that’s not stopping firms from piling on more, because in-house lawyers don’t know what’s good for them. [Am Law Daily]

* George Mason students have filed a lawsuit accusing the school of violating public records law in an effort to obscure funding the school — especially ASS Law — may receive from the Koch brothers. [Courthouse News Service]

* “Lawyer who killed lover’s dog blames being lone Jew at boarding school.” I’m just going to leave this here. [NY Post]
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