Morning Docket: 05.02.17

* Fewer than 18 percent of federal appeals have oral arguments because federal judges think your argument is just as dumb as the rest of us. []

* Mark Geragos files $100 million lawsuit against Ja Rule and the other organizers of Fyre Festival because rich people can’t be forced to live like poors without consequences. [Variety]

* Former Acting Solicitor General Ian Gershengorn says, ““I feel like I am standing on the shoulders of giants,” which is just a tad sly considering he’s returning to the firm he worked at for 12 years. [National Law Journal]

* Speaking of the exodus to the private sector, the “Government to Debevoise Pipeline” rolls on with SEC Enforcement’s FCPA chief Kara Brockmeyer joining the firm. For those keeping track this pipeline has now officially created more jobs than the Keystone Pipeline promised. [Corporate Counsel]

* Maybe we’ll make this whole roundup about moving to private practice! Crowell & Moring adds former Homeland Security Chief of Staff Paul Rosen. [Politico]

* Fox Rothschild does what anyone else who spends time in Los Angeles does: moves to Seattle. [Legal Intelligencer]

* The Supreme Court made it harder to sue a foreign government that seizes American assets. Good thing America’s leadership is focused on sound diplomacy and doesn’t needlessly provoke countries by describing them as “a mess.” This should work out well. [Law360]

* The folks behind the Bar Exam Stats blog have opened a Law School HQ, a new site with a broader focus. [Law School HQ]
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